Payment Instructions

1.The payment deadline: after receiving notice of the call, please call in to pay the cost of the payment period (including parking fees and call fee); overdue payments by the Road Traffic Regulations on Administrative Penalties according to Article 56 The second provision of the NT $ 300 parking fines and recover arrears.

I.Please pay within the deadline, to the rest of President Chain Store (7-ELEVEN), Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK, such as convenience stores, Taipei, New Taipei City's Petroleum belongs gas stations, three businessmen purchased (America Lian Club), Taiwan Clearing House (collection counter and cooperation of financial institutions: public Bank, Mega International Commercial Bank), logo affixed to pay bank collecting and private stations or outside the jurisdiction of the public road at the parking lot premises. Over the payment period by, the opening of each business collection agencies will no longer be accepted.
II. the holder to the post office postal money order (made ​​payable to: Taipei City Parking Management Agency), together with the original payment notice within the payment deadline (postmarked), by registered mail, 6th Floor, No. 300 Ostersund Road, Taipei .

Payment Rule

Before due date, you can pay via following contracted locations: all public off-street parking lots (opening 24 hours a day), convenient stores such as 7-11, Family, OK, Hi-Life, Simplemart, and CPC Gas stations in Taipei City and New Taipei City; via following mobile APPs: Pi, O’Pay, ezPay, JKOPAY, Aipei, GAMA PAY. And Taishin, CHT, CTBT, CITI, PANHSIN, E.SUN, Cathay, Taipei Fubon, TBB, TWNCH, FAREASTONE, Taiwan Mobile, will also accept your payment. Please notice that all contracted locations can't accept overdue payment.